Force of Rage "Guardian Of The Wall", will leave every lover of pure unadulterated Heavy Metal screaming for more! ”

Enfocus Magazine

Force of Rage


Force of Rage is a power house rock band with a full line of epic and catchy tunes. With influences like Iron Maiden, Queensryche and Clutch, the energy, talent, and hard hitting abilities make them a favorite within the Austin music scene. 

In addition to performing for a loyal fan base as part of Austin's popular metal shows, Force of Rage original music is another step forward, crafting meaningful and emotional songs while still injecting hi-energy into every performance.

A few performance highlights include opening for Skid Row, Metal Church, Helstar, Junkyard, King's X and Jackyl. More recently Force of Rage has played shows in venues ranging from Zombies and Rock Box in San Antonio and Come And Take It Live in Austin. 

Their album released in 2017, Guardian of the Wall, is a journey from the old school to the modern rock, a story line dipping into emotion and intensity that’s both haunting and powerful. Recorded at The Shed studios in Austin and mixed by Tim Dolbear from Eclectica Studios, the songs range from thrash metal to progressive/power metal but still maintain a hint of 80's metal and incorporate rhythmic, grooving intense hard rock sounds. Their album has been featured on IndieCast Radio and Grunge Metal Graveyard and many other commercial and online internet radio stations.

Force of Rage's music video for their new single "Stay With Me" was released in April 2019.

Michael Paul Toupin (Lead Vocals) ~ Chuck Magus (Guitar) ~ Jesse White (Guitar) ~ Danny Wilburn (Bass/Vocals) ~ Brian Foster (Drums)


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"Force of Rage drives hard from the start and the opening screams set the tone for what's to come. This is unapologetic classic metal taken to future level. A singer that sings and guitars that aren't afraid to explore being equal parts fury, aggression, and melody."- Enfocus Magazine

“Somehow this exciting band manages to sound like they’ve been around since the early days of the Heavy Metal while sounding new and fresh at the same time. Force of Rage is the cure for modern metal doldrums if commercial radio would just pay attention.”
-Marvin Lindell, Mukloyde Productions

"Force of Rage is a band to watch. They make the old school sound modern with their own style and hard hitting riffs. Guardian of the Wall is a killer album from beginning to end.”
Shotgun Willis, Crossbone Magazine

“You guys rock. Your music kicks major ass! ~ Greg Capra, GMG” Grunge Metal Graveyard

Featured and Interviewed by "Outlaw Radio"

Featured on Austin's very own KLBJ Radio 93.7 FM -Local Licks, April 2016

Sample video